An IT Service Desk Ticketing System Software

Modernize Your Support Center and Achieve Rapid Ticket Resolution

01. Prioritize requests and incidents

02. Delegate tickets based upon expertise

03. Track and monitor response and resolution times

04. Improve the customer experience

Transform Your Service Desk into a Cost-Efficient Powerhouse.

Streamline procedures for better productivity through automation and data repositories that allow you to easily identify recurring issues to tackle them head-on. The customer experience is improved with an integrated knowledge base and self-service portal so that users don’t have to always rely on the service desk for simple tasks.

IT Ticketing System Software

01. Promotes a centralized system of record

Eliminate the hassle of using spreadsheets or email inboxes while trying to figure out issues and their resolution processes.

02. Provides automated task management

Manage the processes like ticket categorization and prioritization, ticket routing, alerts and notifications, and ticket status management so that agents spend more time resolving actual customer issues.

03. Improves the customer experience

The customer support experience will improve with rapid incident resolution from a knowledge repository available to both the agent and the customer. The customer will have transparency into their ticket resolution status along with supporting documentation and FAQs

04. Enables prioritization of work

Incidents and Requests can be prioritized according to the impact and urgency of a ticket, instead of being handled in the order they are received by default

05. Drives staff accountability and training

Provides managers with a view into the work activities of the employees which will help with staff development opportunities.

06. Improves tracking and reporting

Data drives the resourcing decisions, process improvement and enablement of improving support processes to increase customer satisfaction.

ServeOptics IT Ticketing System Software Functionality

Incident Management

Let users raise tickets via email, self-service portal, phone, or in person. Track, prioritize, assign, and automate resolution processes to drive service desk efficiency.

Request Fulfillment

Increase the level of control over requested services through a centralized fulfillment function. Provide quick and effective access to standard services and products increases support staff productivity.

SLA Management

Ensure on-time resolution by setting multiple SLA policies for task deadlines and automate escalation rules – based on different business hours or various types of tickets and ticket groups.

Service Catalog

Offer multiple services for different departments through the user-friendly service catalog so users can place and receive requests in no time.

Self-Service Portal

Enable users to look up solutions from the knowledge base even before raising tickets for their issues and let them raise requests directly from the support portal that can be customized reflect your brand's identity.

Asset Tracking

Keep track of all your IT and non-IT assets in stock or in use. Be it contracts, hardware, software, and other configuration items, evaluate their values, and plan purchases with up-to-date information of all assets.

Knowledge Base

Improve productivity by responding to similar requests with canned responses or knowledge base articles at the click of a button. Create solutions for your incidents and automatically convert it to articles.

Satisfaction Survey

Drive service improvement with built-in satisfaction survey that can be automatically sent to employees upon ticket resolution, and measure your efficiency based on the CSAT reports.

Project / Task Management

Stay on top of your daily tasks by viewing them from the service desk dashboard’s calendar view. Easily manage all that’s time-bound with automated notifications.


Measure the performance of your incident management process with predefined and custom reports. Identify bottlenecks, make informed decisions, and monitor agent or team performance.