A Help Desk Ticketing System with Advanced Analytics

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

Team collaboration and unified communication enables contact centers to deliver effective and efficient customer support with consistency utilizing a best practice framework based upon ITIL standards and analytics.

An enterprise ticketing system that goes beyond simple incident tracking.

As a driver for efficient IT Service Management, ServeOptics outlines ways to improve and optimize resources to provide real value to customers.

A help desk ticketing system with advanced analytics.

Ensures consistency in service levels and improves efficiency by increased quality of service.

Cost optimization can be achieved by ensuring that resources are prioritized and used efficiently based on the business needs and customer requirements.

By providing multichannel support and leveraging support group talent specialization, First Contact Resolution (FCR) is dramatically increased.

ITIL helps in proactive ITSM thus avoiding major incidents and keeping risk in control. Future events can be predicted based on past trends.

Strategic alignment is achieved by enhancing the communication between IT and the business, as well as improving service delivery to customers.

Begin improving your
customer's experience immediately.

Designed for quick and easy implementation, ServeOptics enables your business to improve customer experiences within minutes, not weeks or months.


Easy to use and setup

A modern and intuitive UI that requires minimal to no training and is customizable to IT and non-IT needs. Point and click functionality allows for modifications with no coding necessary.


Restore service faster

Enables agents to manage work
and collaborate with the team using a single platform for IT processes. Unified communication ensures no customer contact is missed on any channel.


Deliver better services

Reduced call volume with a self-service portal that provides transparent incident and request tracking and two-way communication between the customer and support team.

The ServeOptics Help Desk Ticketing System with Advanced Analytics Solution

The ServeOptics help desk ticketing system solution enables managers to make proactive business decisions that increases consumer confidence in the support center.

Service support operations often fail to support business objectives and provide adequate service to end-users because managers focus on aging report data, not current real-time metrics. As a result, they can’t identify problems early on or be proactive and prevent them from turning into crises that often derail the operation’s budget, project schedules, and delivery of new capabilities. The right metrics create an early warning system that enables operations to provide value to the business and end-users.


From a single enterprise view dashboard with drill-downs into specific operations activities, ServeOptics empowers managers and stakeholders to turn routine operations review meetings based upon aging data into proactive strategy sessions with real-time metrics and trends analysis. Managers gain an immediate understanding of how support activities impact service delivery, the business objectives, and its end-users.