Increase the Effectiveness & Efficiency of Your Service Support Center

01. Measure and baseline performance

02. Predict and prioritize future needs of customers

03. Track and monitor trends for business decisions

04. Provide transparency for all stakeholders

Monitor the metrics that matter derived from advanced service support analytics.

Resulting from the collaboration of Service Support and customer experience experts, ServeOptics delivers the metrics and supporting analytics necessary to build consumer confidence in your service support center. From a consolidated view and supporting drill-downs, you gain visibility into distributed support centers and the workforce.

Take control of the incident and request queue

Improve end user support with real-time relevant incident/request data. Gain immediate understanding about the current state of your support operation.

Proactively monitor service level compliance

Access all Service Level Agreements from one screen, categorized by Time-To-Close and Time-To Respond.


Obtain a clear understanding of which service levels are currently achieved and which ones may not be achieved by the end of the reporting period.


Proactively allocate resources to ensure higher priority tickets are handled first, resulting in all SLA targets met by the end of the reporting period.

Boost customer satisfaction

While metrics may be improving and service levels are adhered to, it is important to understand what your end users are experiencing.

By monitoring Customer Satisfaction, you can tell how well different aspects of your support operation are meeting your customers’ expectations.

Gain an understanding of end user satisfaction and address areas of concern with service capability and individual agent performance.

Increase knowledge article utilization

Support your ‘shift-left’ initiative and improve the effectiveness of support without the need for agent contact.

Understand the characteristics of which knowledge articles perform well, the characteristics of which ones perform not so well, and make improvements where necessary.

Overtime, you will see an increase in the effectiveness of your knowledge articles which will decrease overall costs of support as more technologies are supported.

Monitor and improve first contact resolution

Gauge your contact centers customer satisfaction with First Contact Resolution (FCR) metrics.

Understand which contact types can be resolved on the first contact, update knowledge articles and improve staff training.

The higher the FCR rate the more satisfied your customers tend to be which results in improved customer loyalty and increases profitability.

Surge efficiency with automated reporting

Manually generating performance reports is a complex and time-consuming process that can become expensive when calculating the man-hours that are involved.