Service Support Outsourcing

Realize the benefits of outsourcing your service support operations

Service support operations play an important part in the support of business services offered to users. Whether is a call center or a service desk, as a single point of contact for end users who need assistance, the operation is a process driven support discipline to ensure proper handling of requests and incidents that are monitored for measurement reporting and continual process improvement.

RDT offers different types and levels of service support services. The selection of services are dependent upon your business requirements. Some support services require a simple customer service and call logging function with an escalation or dispatch of calls to more experienced staff as necessary. Other service desk type of services provide a high degree of analytical and technical skills with the ability to resolve most incidents at the time that the business user reports them.

We utilize industry recognized best practices, frameworks and technology to manage service support operations resulting in several benefits to our customers:

Technology Implementation

Flexible Hours – Provide 24-hour support from a live representative.

Reduced Costs – Avoid the cost of providing benefit packages or other perks in-house staff receives.

Easier Management – We recruit and hire your support staff reducing the stress on your in-house human resources department. When staff leaves, the we find a replacement, saving you in recruiting costs. We will also manage the staff including tracking time worked, missed days or performance issues.

Higher Profits – A customer wants to be able to call in at any hour, speak to someone directly and resolve the problem quickly. By having a 24-hour fully trained service desk, you meet the client’s needs. A happy client will stay with your company longer and may do more business with you.

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