Dashboard Development

Development services to customize reports and dashboards

IT Management Dashboards provide managers and executives the opportunity to measure IT operations execution and improve it. Additionally, IT dashboards providing real-time performance metrics allows for proactive decision-making capabilities as opposed to manual weekly reports based upon aging data that limits management’s ability to execute effectively. Existing business intelligence and reporting systems often fail to deliver effective dashboards for the following reasons:

  • They are a retroactive view of past events and activities.
  • Information on the dashboards are so detailed that they do not reflect the big picture of the effectiveness of the operation.
  • Excessive drill-down is necessary to obtain critical information.

Effective IT management dashboard development results in relevant data rolled up to management metrics that can lead to immediate action without excessive navigation through the application.

RDT has the proven ability to provide effective IT management dashboard development services utilizing a best practice development methodology that results in optimized value for targeted end users.

IT Management Dashboard Benefits

Measure Performance and make informed management decisions

An IT management dashboard enables you to measure the performance of the organization so that you know where improvements must be made. For instance, if you look through various data sets, you can identify the links between business performance and operating conditions. You can recognize trends and develop strategies to avoid a crisis before they become problematic.

Improve Internal Communications

IT management dashboards help foster communication between departments and through levels of management by providing real-time access to activities and performance. Dashboards with automated reporting capabilities can be used to create presentation material on a large or small scale.

Improve External Communications

Dashboard development will help with improving communications with customers and suppliers.  They also help with developing compelling presentations and reports for investors and board members.

Saves Time

A well-thought-out and well-designed IT management dashboard saves you time, as information is kept in one location. Departments are not duplicating the efforts made in report development and data entry, leading to efficient communication between levels of management. Routine reports should be configured into dashboard where they can be auto-generated on the fly without the assistance of hours of expensive manual staff labor.

Increased Employee Performance

Gauging employee performance is important to an organization’s success. According to a study carried out by SHRM Research, KPIs that effectively test various human capital outcomes, including high performance, talent management and employee engagement, helps reiterate the organization’s strategic and financial objectives and fosters better engagement with upper management and validates the HR value to the C-suite.

Higher Profit Return

After you’ve identified where improvements must be made, you put your energy, time and money into making improvements and increase the organization’s profits.

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