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Service support operations often fail to support business objectives and provide adequate service to end-users because managers focus on aging report data, not current real-time metrics. As a result, they can’t identify problems early on or be proactive and prevent them from turning into crises that often derail the operation’s budget, project schedules, and delivery of new capabilities. The right metrics create an early warning system that enable operations to provide value to the business and end-users.

From a single enterprise view dashboard with drilldowns into specific operations activities, ServeOptics™ empowers managers and stakeholders to turn routine operations review meetings based upon aging data into proactive strategy sessions with real-time metrics and trends analysis. Managers gain immediate understanding of how support activities impact service delivery, the business objectives and its end-users. ServeOptics™ enables managers with the following capabilities:

  • Customize dashboard views to receive select actionable analytics and metrics
  • Prioritize assignments and deploy resources efficiently by categories of impact
  • Gain immediate access to relevant metrics detailing performance and productivity
  • Track analyst activities and evaluate utilization
  • Assess incident backlogs and workload performance
  • Automate SLA compliance and reporting
  • Receive up to date insights into the cost of service provision
  • And more…

Whether you’re in the early stages of product research, evaluating competitive solutions, or just trying to scope your needs to begin a project, we’re happy to help you get the information you need to move forward with your service support initiatives.

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Monitor service support operations with real-time performance metrics and automated reporting.

  • Scalable – Monitor a single support center with limited tool sets or monitor geographically distributed support centers with multiple tools. Pay only for the user licenses you need.
  • Reliable – 99.999% availability is guaranteed so that you have access to the information that you need to transform your organization always.
  • Secure – Developed utilizing secure methodologies and hosted in a FedRAMP secure cloud environment protecting your data from unauthorized access.
  • Flexible – Available in a cloud hosted or on-premise licensing plan.